Friday 20 April 2012

Towards Instant Programming Feedback

This hour long conference lecture by Bret Victor is a really fascinating look at how to change the way engineering professionals create what they create. He experiments with some simple yet powerful tools to show what creative tasks could look like if they provided almost instant feedback to their creator. Most of the examples relate to software engineering and the languages used are either in JavaScript or Java.

Update (6/7/2014):

I recently came across Light Table which is a next generation IDE which displays code right next to a browser window. You can then modify the code and it is updated within the browser in real-time.

Microsoft's Case Study on how RESAAS leverages Windows Azure

Microsoft recently put together a case study on how RESAAS has used Windows Azure to scale its platform to meet future demand. As mentioned previously in the slides on this post, it took us approximately 3 months to port over our entire application from a typical IIS web server and SQL Server database based application to a cloud based one.

Thursday 19 April 2012

How did Instagram Scale their Infrastructure?

TechCrunch has a great post written up just after Instagram sold to Facebook for $1 Billion. The post contains a 185 slide deck filled with the trials and tribulations Instagram went through on their way to 30+ million users in less than 2 years.