Wednesday, 21 June 2023

Generative AI: Opportunities and risks for property transactions

On June 14, 2023, Orbital Witness held an event for #LondonTechWeek to explore how Generative AI will revolutionise property due diligence. I gave the keynote presentation to a room of partners and innovation specialists from commercial law firms, residential conveyancing firms and LegalTech companies. 

Here is the full 38min video of that presentation along a product demo at the 32min mark. The product I demoed is an internal tool my team of data scientists and legal engineers built using a GPT-4 based agent and vector search on top of legal documents from HMLR such as title registers and scanned PDFs of leases and deeds of variation:

Here is the complete slide deck I presented for my keynote with all transitions intact (PDF version at the end of this blog post):

Here are all the references associated with various slides:

Thursday, 9 March 2023

A collection of curated learning materials about Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) such as GPT-4

Since ChatGPT came onto the scene on 30th November, 2022, I've been doing a deep dive finding out what exactly LLMs and specifically ChatGPT are capable of, what their limitations are and how we can use them at Orbital Witness (the company I'm CTO at). This was obviously important since we're currently building software that 'thinks' like a lawyer using the latest natural language processing (NLP). 

Given my current ongoing research on the topic, I'm going to use this blog post as a curated collection of the best content I've read across a variety of themes related to LLMs / ChatGPT / Dall-E 2 / etc. I'll update it regularly with links to new blog posts, podcasts, videos and anything else I find particularly compelling. The date in parentheses is when I added the link to this blog post and over time it will provide a change-log for easier reading. 


Prompt Engineering

Managing Context



    User Experience (UX)

    Traction of LLMs

    Long-term Costs