Thursday 28 May 2015

Solarwinds Press Release for Pingdom, Librato and Papertrail

Solarwinds, the Texas based enterprise IT management company that purchased Pingdom for an undisclosed amount, Librato for $40M and Papertrail for $41M over the last couple years, recently got in touch with me because my company, Insignum, uses all three of their products to manage our machine learning infrastructure in the cloud.

Solarwinds were attending Velocity 2015 in Santa Clara and asked for my take on their products to include in a press release.  Here is the excerpt that includes my comments:
“All of these SolarWinds Cloud products work well together as they're solving slightly different problems at each level of our technology stack,” said Andrew Thompson, co-founder and CEO of Insignum, an automated analytics intelligence company. “Pingdom is our go-to solution for understanding the overall health and stability of the web pages our customers engage with day-to-day, while Librato gives us an understanding of how all our infrastructure is performing to deliver value to users, and then when something breaks, Papertrail becomes the service that we use to drill into the exact details of the problem so we can devise a solution – its true value is simplicity.”