Wednesday 17 September 2014

Improving On-Site Search Functionality For

Back in 2013 when started gaining prominence and was regularly used by thousands of growth engineers, I started noticing that their on-site search functionality needed some improvement as relevant content was hard to find. I knew the small team were working hard to design and deliver important features that were growing the community, so I wanted to help out by articulating the problem and devising a solution that would be easy for them to implement and could almost immediately be leveraged by the community. 

Here is the short presentation I created and sent to Sean Ellis. It was subsequently used to improve their on-site search and is still used today by the community (note that instead of using Swiftype they went with a similar product called Algolia):

Improving Search on from Andrew Thompson

The Swiftype based search for that I setup when I created the above presentation is still working today (give it a try):