Saturday 19 August 2017

Joining Appear Here as CTO

Brand and Product

Appear Here's very clear and focused mission resonates with me because they want to create a world where anyone with an idea can find space to make it happen. They achieve this by bringing together a community of brands, entrepreneurs and creatives in the world's best cities. They already have 80,000+ global brands and creative entrepreneurs, 10,000,000+ sq ft of spaces and 3 offices globally. Brands and entrepreneurs can use the Appear Here platform to find and book short-term spaces such as high street boutiques, market, shopping centres and shop shares in London, Paris and New York.

Company Culture

From the very first interview to signing my contract and officially joining, the team at Appear Here have built a company that continuously upholds these values:

We're Hiring

We're hiring talented people to help make this ambitious vision a reality. We're currently looking for Software Engineers and we will soon be hiring for other product and engineering roles as we grow.  If you're interested in joining me and the rest of the Appear Here team, feel free to reach out to me directly (via Linkedin or Twitter) and we'll have a coffee to chat through what we're up to.